Al Ross Luxury Homes is uniquely qualified to build your custom home. We're Master Builders with an eye for luxury, detail, and innovation. We're smart, motivated, experienced, and here to help you create your new home. 

Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive about the custom home process.

How long will it take for you to build my home?

The state of “completeness” of your plans and your decision-making process during construction will determine the timeline.  With organized plans and rapid-fire decision-making, we have historically been able to complete a 7,000 SF home in 12 to 14 months, ground-break to 100%.

Is there a minimum of the size of home you will build?

Our typical build is 4,000 sf and up.

How many years have you been in business?

Eight years.

How many homes have you built?


What is the #1 reason why I should choose you over another customer builder in Houston?

We are a high-quality builder providing a level of service to its clients.  Your project will have the utmost attention of our team, from the top down, and we will always be transparent with you.

Do you build outside of Houston?

Yes.  In fact, we just completed a home in Orange County, California.

Do you build in other areas of Houston, like Sugarland and The Woodlands?

Yes, if the project is a good fit in terms of size and finish, we can build in these outlying areas.

If I don’t know what I want or have an architect, can you help me with design?

Absolutely!  We have a strong team of Designers/Architects who we can engage in your project.  We have a lot of experience shepherding homes from the very earliest concept all the way to reality.

Can you build one of your homes from your portfolio, but with custom changes I may want to make?

We will never build two identical homes, but if you like one of our plans, it can be tailored to meet your needs without making it a “cookie-cutter” home.

Who manages my site construction?

You will be assigned an experienced Project Superintendent who will be onsite daily.  Additionally, your project will be guided by the direct, hands-on oversight of Al Ross who tours each job on a daily basis to answer questions and ensure quality.

Can I contact them anytime with questions or concerns during the process?

Of course, you can reach your superintendent at any time!  But it is helpful to know that we hold Bi-weekly meetings with our clients during the planning and development stage and then weekly once the home is dried-in.

What happens if the construction has started but I want to make a change on something?

We anticipate changes and we are ready to accommodate.  Once the required change is identified, the related work and products will be priced out for your consideration and approval.

How do I know what is spent on what from the budget?

We are very transparent in the finances of your job.  Each payment is detailed for you and subject to any questions you may have.

If I already have plans or working with architect is that ok?

Definitely, so! But, the sooner we are brought on board, the more seamless the project will proceed.  Our experience in interpreting plans will help you understand otherwise unforeseen challenges that can be resolved before construction begins.

Do you have warranty on your building?

We have a 1-2-10 warranty.  1-year on all workmanship; 2-year for plumbing, electrical and mechanical; and 10-year structural with the option of an additional insurance-backed 3rd party 10-year structural warranty.

What if I need help with finding a lot? Can you help with that?

Ideally, you want to engage with your builder when selecting your lot.  We are the advocate that will make sure your dream home will work inside the restrictions of your lot and its associated neighborhood rules.

How and when will the final price of my custom home be determined?

Our process of engaging with our buyers is very transparent.  We will provide an up-front estimate based on general information in your plans.  As the plans are refined, there is a detailed bidding process with our trades and suppliers, and then finally, we provided an itemized schedule showing our actual cost and markup.

Can you help me with selections? Such as tile, flooring being that you have built a Variety of different homes?

Yes.  We are very hands-on during the selection process.  Al Ross, personally, has played a role in the selections of every home we’ve built to-date and he will be there for you, too.

Do you have homes that you have completed that I could tour?

We are fortunate to have a list of our homeowners who welcome the chance to show their completed homes.

Do you have previous homeowners that I could talk to?

Yes. Our homeowners are very happy to tell their story of working with Al Ross Luxury Homes.