Al Ross was sent to America when he was 13. His parents sent him to live with his brother because they wanted a better life for their children. Was it hard being a 13-year-old boy, living in a new country without his mom and dad? Yes, it was hard. But out of that diversity rose a man who achieved success and understood the value of doing things right. Living such contrast helped him to quickly recognize the polarity of most everything: good/bad, quality/short-cuts, integrity/compromise, truth/lies, promises/fakers.

He started his own business at the age of 28 with $200 in his pocket. He took a lot of chances but knew true north and stuck to that moral compass. He made promises and kept them. He sold quality and he delivered. He grew his little company to one of the largest and most respected in Texas.

While he was building a successful company, he also built his own home. A home unlike any other in his neighborhood, in the area or even in the city. It was unique in the depth of detail and quality. It was unique in the amount of thought and synergy it produced – every element was hand-selected or custom designed to create a certain personality – it was a co-creation between vision, inspiration, and love.

When Al sold his company in 2011 he took time to carefully orchestrate his next adventure. He knew he loved to create, he knew he was passionate about quality and value and he knew Houston was the most vital, prosperous city in the country and that it was gaining more respect and appreciation each year.

So he created Al Ross Luxury Homes in the finest areas in Houston. He wanted others to experience luxury, value and quality beyond anything they ever had before.

Just as any luxury brand does – from Chanel to Louis Vuitton (LVMH) – Al Ross controls every part of the process, from lumber to tile and every single detail in between. This ensures the Al Ross brand and gives meaning to your home.